Smoke Alarms & Fire Safety

Working Smoke Smoke Alarms Save Lives

According to NSW Fire statistics, families have a 60% increased chance of dying in a house fire when not protected by working Smoke Alarms. Here are some interesting statistics on where house fires start…

Potential causes of fire in the home post
Potential causes of fire in the home

No surprise the kitchen takes the prize with Electrical Fires


It is important to ensure you have your home wiring and switchboard checked by a licensed electrician. Safety Switch protection, Arc Fault Detection Devices along with Surge Protection at the switchboard, protecting all circuits. It is also a good idea to have those old recessed halogen down lights that are not fitted with insulation barrier caps replaced with quality IC-F rated LED down lights. Other simple things you can do is to not overload power points and power boards! Turn off appliances at the power point where possible! Remember to always keep heaters well away from furniture & any combustible material! Check that your cloths dryer lint filter is clean before every load. Don’t try to save money on electrical power boards chargers and battery operated devices. Stick to reputable quality brands from big retailers to ensure your chances of buying genuine quality.

Interlinked Smoke Alarms are best practice when it comes to early warning. For your best chance of being woken and alerted to a fire. What if you don’t think you will hear the alarm when you are asleep? There are solutions for everybody. For the hearing impaired and deaf people, extra protection is needed. An approved system supplied the Deaf Society NSW will help the hearing impaired and deaf people by using a multiple facet approach.

With not only an audible alarm on the photoelectric smoke detector there is also a flash receiver which will alert you with bright strobing light. Simultaneously a pillow shaker, placed under your pillow creates powerful vibrations to ensure you are alerted to the danger if you are asleep. More info at Fire NSW.

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