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Ian prides himself on understanding his client’s needs and providing a fast, professional electrical service for their home in Sydney’s Inner West. With over fifteen years of local knowledge working in the Sydney Metro Ausgrid Area, ensures getting the job done right first time!

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Inner West Smoke Alarms, Safety Switches, Fault Finding, ACMA Approved Technician

Problems with your Smoke Alarm? No Problem! We Offer Same Day Service for Smoke Alarm Replacement & Repairs Sydney

Secure Electrical has established a good reputation in Sydney’s Inner Suburbs with many satisfied & loyal customers that continue to call for all their electrical & Smoke Detector needs.


  • Smoke Alarms
  • Electrical Fault Finding
  • Safety Switches
  • Power Point Replacement
  • Light Switch Replacement
  • Repair Down Lights
  • Power Points & Repairs
  • Phone, TV, Internet Broadband Points & Repairs
  • Computer Network Points & Repairs
  • Internet Points & Repairs
  • Light Installations Replacement & Repairs
  • Power Installations & Repairs
  • Safety Switches Installations, Faults & Testing
  • Safety Switch Fault Finding
  • Smoke Detectors Installations & Maintenance
  • Smoke Detectors – In your home
  • (See Below for more info on Fire Alarms in you home)

Why Choose Secure Electrical?

    • When you call, you will talk to a knowledgeable professional
    • Helpful advice
    • Experienced Owner Operator
    • Small jobs, no problem!
    • Fast, Experienced & Practical Fault-Finding Techniques
    • Same Day Service On-time, courteous, neat & tidy
    • Compliance with all regulations
    • Up Front Pricing

Smoke Detectors

Installation of a comprehensive smoke detection system in your home. To ensure you have the best chance of being alerted to a fire.

In addition we can interlink the detectors, which means any single interlinked detector that detects smoke will sound all detectors, ensuring all the occupants are alerted and sounders will be easily heard in every bedroom in case a fire starts while you or anyone in your home is sleeping.

Need help with your home’s Electrical Repairs, Installations, Smoke Detectors, Safety Switches, Switchboards, Halogen Down Light Repairs, Safety Switch Fault Finding? Give me a call, I can help with a no fuss professional service! 

Smoke Alarm Replacement Service

Problem with your smoke detectors? No fuss solutions are just a phone call away! Striving to provide a fast same day repair and replace all popular brands of Smoke Alarms such as PDL, Clipsal, PSA, HPM, Quell, First Alert & Brooks so if your smoke detector has been beeping or is past its used by date and need replacing we can efficiently replace the alarm while on site using highly reliable brands.

When upgrading your existing smoke alarms we make sure that locations are compliant and consideration is made that alarms are interconnected, so all alarms sound together regardless of where the smoke is detected. Did you know quality modern alarms also  offer greater protection.

If you already have mains connected Smoke Alarms installed in your home, we can test if your previous electrician has Interlinked your alarms. Interlinked alarms will all sound together regardless of which alarm detects smoke. This will give valuable seconds of extra early warning. Seconds can save lives in a fire. We can check and reset any beeping alarms and test that they are connected and working properly under simulated fire conditions. Other considerations are the age and used by information on the Smoke Detectors, correct type and proximity to correct zones in your home. So we now carry these alarms as recommended by the NSW Fire Brigade.

Electrician Services

We provide a fully insured & licensed certified Electrician is a fully licensed and insured smoke alarm technician, still sometimes called a Smoke alarm technician also an accredited ACMA Registered Electrician for electrical and communications cabling. A smoke detector technician who is also licensed to install extra Power Points and extra Phone Points, replace lights and ceiling spotlights and switchboard upgrades as well as Install Safety Switches and extra Data Points and extra TV plugs means The Licensed Electrical Contractor is handy to have around. So don’t forget to mention all of your electrical requirements when making your booking! Other Switchboard work includes, testing safety switch protection and repairing if needed, install or repair surge arresters and earthing systems and of course light and power.

Need help today? Call Ian now and talk to us about our Same Day Service for Electrical Faults, Smoke Alarm Repairs and Faults to see if we can help you now..

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