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Welcome… Ian from Secure Electrical prides himself on understanding his client’s needs and providing a fast, professional service for their home. With 15 yrs of local knowledge working in Killara’s Ausgrid Area, we get the job done right first time!

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Certified Smoke Detectors. Certified Products We know it’s important to treat your home with care and respect. That’s why we use drop sheets and rubber footed ladders to ensure floors are protected and left clean.

We can replace your old and faulty Smoke Detectors using quality photoelectric Smoke Alarms, the smoke detector of choice for NSW Fire & Rescue. In addition we can report on any interlinking issues with the detectors. With years of experience working in Killara’s Ausgrid Area, we get the job done without any issues and professionally completed.

Looking for a new upgraded system? We can install a new, comprehensive smoke detection system in your home in Killara to ensure you have the best chance of being alerted to a fire.  When any single interlinked detector, detects smoke it will sound all detectors, ensuring all the occupants are alerted and sounders will be easily heard in every bedroom in case a fire starts while you or anyone in your home is sleeping. We service all popular brands of Smoke Alarms such as Trader, Lifesaver, PDL, Clipsal, PSA, HPM, Quell, First Alert & Brooks. Supplying a fully stocked van means we aim to provide an efficient service. With customer satisfaction an end goal.

If your smoke detector has been beeping and a battery replacement, compliance check, clean and function test doesn’t pass criteria or the alarm is past its compliance by date and need replacing we can efficiently replace the alarm while on site using only, highly reliable brands and upgrade your existing smoke alarms and make sure that locations are compliant and alarms are interconnected so all alarms sound together regardless of where the smoke is detected.

We are ready to replace, repair and maintain the old smoke alarms in your home. Newer quality alarms offer greater protection for your home. Not just smoke alarms.. Electrician Services. Do you require other electrical repairs? Replace old, cracked or damaged power points, light switches or check Safety Switches, Switchboards, Halogen Down Lights for replacement or repairs or Safety Switch Fault Finding services.. Just ask when booking your job!



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